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Call for Submissions (Deadline: July 15, 2022, CLOSED)

Second biennial SAMSA Book Award

The South Asian Muslim Studies Association (SAMSA) announces its second biennial SAMSA Book Award for a monograph published on the subject of South Asian Islam and Muslim societies during the calendar years of 2020 and 2021. Books from all disciplines in the Humanities and the Social Sciences will be considered. Only single-authored monographs are eligible; edited volumes, works of translation, literary fiction and short stories, or collections of poetry are not eligible. Monographs focused on all regions of South Asia (including Afghanistan) and time periods will be considered. Awards will be decided on the basis of the novelty of the book’s intervention in the field, its intellectual rigor and its clarity and quality of writing. Award recipient will be recognized at a SAMSA meeting and will be featured at a panel discussion. The award does not carry any monetary compensation. Submissions may be made by an author or by a publisher. To apply, please mail a copy of the book to Dr. Raisur Rahman, Department of History, P.O. Box 7806, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC 27109, USA no later than July 15, 2022. Additional copies of the monographs will be requested in due time. Applicants must also email with the following information: book title, author email and phone contact, and publisher’s email and phone contact. Award will be announced in Spring 2023. For more information on SAMSA, click here:  

The South Asian Muslim Studies Association (SAMSA) is pleased to announce its Inaugural SAMSA Book Award.

Recipient of the Inaugural SAMSA Book Award

Simon Wolfgang Fuchs’ In a Pure Muslim Land: Shi’ism between Pakistan and the Middle East

Simon Wolfgang Fuchs’ In a Pure Muslim Land: Shi’ism between Pakistan and the Middle East (University of North Carolina Press, 2019) examines the production of Shi’i religious authority and political power in Pakistan while taking a transregional approach connecting it to India, Iran, and Iraq. The vibrant networks of authority, interpretation, and sectarian identification make up something called the “Shi’a world” in Fuchs’ finely researched and prodigiously footnoted book.

Honorable Mention

Katherine Lemons’ Divorcing Traditions: Islamic Marriage Law and the Making of Indian Secularism

Katherine Lemons’ book Divorcing Traditions: Islamic Marriage Law and the Making of Indian Secularism (Cornell University Press, 2019) examines multiple sites, such as the sharia courts, women’s arbitration centers, and the Indian legal system to explore the relationship between Islamic law, religion and gender justice.  

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